Our 3 ingredients Knowledge, Passion
and Beauty
Roberto Fani - Chef de l'année 2019


The fruit of a part of our life spent with traveling, studying, trying and especially tasting.
To be able to meticulously choose the right ingredients and to cook them respecting their originality.
Every day, being able to question everything and starting from scratch to create a nuance in a dish that will subdue you.
Knowledge is transmitted in our sincere love for cooking.


It's every day: give up the convenience, work by respecting the time of each ingredient, without using easy shortcuts.
Become the guardian of traditional procedures and techniques and associate them with today's creativity.


Imagination serving a great aesthetic value to give each dish: color, shape and harmony.
As a painter, transmit emotions with each plate, sublimate the flavors and awaken each of your senses.

Roberto FANI conscientiously seeks the materials to sublimate, watches with love and rigor on each stage of the culinary process, stages each plate to achieve a subtle and harmonious balance between the ingredients. The team of Ristorante FANI in Roeser welcomes you with a smile before you discover these three essential ingredients :
Knowledge, Passion and Beauty gathered in each of our plates…


Ristorante Fani